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02 March 2008 @ 07:34 pm
ok ok. so here's the problem.i was at kino today for the meet up. and i saw this really pretty magazine of kame and yamada (well i THINK it's yamada. didn't get a really good look ). BUT me being so stupid and all decided did NOT get it. and is really really regretting it.

so... well...

i was hoping if anyone going to kino anytime soon, could get me 2 copies. and i would send the money to them with concealed cash to pay for the magazine and postage.

so if anyone is able to go, can they PLEASE try and get me 2 copies?

thank you for reading this. (if you do. that is) and please... try?

very very SUPERLY DUPERLY thankful . desiree

ps. i'm PRETTY sure it's the april issue. but not THAT sure. but to be sure. its the black cover one.
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