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17 March 2008 @ 11:02 pm
introduction like woah.  

asflkjlag I have three friends in this comm and never realised that it existed until today. FAIL. 

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm 14 (turning 15), and I have a fond appreciation of Jin's hips KAT-TUN. sadfjklaf call me shallow. (:

I'm half Japanese and half Macedonian. 日本語をしゃべれる人はいますか?For those who can, こんにちは、私の名前はセーラです。よろしくお願いします!

So. I can speak, read and write Japanese but I am absolutely horrible at kanji. I can't speak Macedonian, mainly because my dad couldn't be screwed. Oh well, my dad is rather lazy. Oh and dad, if you ever accidentaly read this, I'm sorry. D:? I get asked at school by people to teach them Japanese swear words but I usually answer no. Well, its not like I don't swear, I have nothing against swearing but it's mainly because my mum was the one who taught me japanese and so she decided that there will be no foul language included in my japanese vocab. I'm still not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

So. Like I said before, I really like KAT-TUN. Mainly Jin, the promiscuous gentleman. ohoh. I LIKE KOKI. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN. When I first got into fandom, I was scared of Koki. Like, really scared. Shut up. I was stupid back then. D: I also like Ueda, but. He is pretty awesome, because STUFF HITS HIM IN THE FACE. Clearly this means that people should worship him.  (:

I also like NEWS. Yes, I do write them as NEWS. Not NewS, or News or whatever names that people write them with. I write it like that because I find it annoying to capitalize two whole letters. Yes, I am quite lazy. Which is why I never get homework done, until late at night. This is bad, because I go to a school where academics is a big deal (read: selective school D:). Apparently this means that I am somewhat smart, even though I am practically last in the whole grade at maths. I think the only thing keeping the school from not kicking me out is the fact that I am somewhat okay at English. (:
OMG, TOTALLY OFF TOPIC. D: Anywayanyway I like NEWS. And ryopi and ryotego and whatevers. xD I have no determined OTP, because I am easily convinced to read any kind of story. (: However, my ot3 is ryopin, I'm quite firm about that. And maybe ryodachul, but that's an inside joke. (:

My first je boy was Yamapi. (:
Mainly because my sister got into WaT at the end of 2006. Or more like got into Teppei. And before, when we were in Japan (we go every year to visit relatives), we were watching music station and these two girls wearing stupid hats got to meet Yamapi. And I kinda remembered him because of his retarded but cute nickname. And then, Julia (my sister) was watching Dragons Zakura (because of Teppei. xD) and I looked on and recognised Yamapi. And so I started watching, because I was growing sick of watching animations prance across a screen. (:


So yess. I have a complete inability to sit still, and I spend most of my time at school being loud and freaking people out. Poor people. o: I write a lot of angst, and depressing things and people tell me that if they didn't know what I was like, they'd probably sign me up for therapy because I can never write normal stories. In my first story on here, Ryo ends up deadd. I like to think that am usually on a high from life. (: I'm also told that I am lame, and that I have the attention spam of an amoeba. Or a goldfish. Whichever you like. 

Ohoh I like random things. Like wikipedia. And stupid people who edit wikipeda. And I also like engrish.com, mainly for the awesome engrish that is posted up there. And I once saw a girl at Kino with Nishikido Ryo is hot! written on her bag. And it had an alchemists sign on it. Like from FMA. If you, girl with that bag, use lj, then please tell me where you got it. (: And I like playing the piano. aslkfjals I AM SO WEIRD SHOOT ME NOW.

And I bet you're tired of my rambling. Okay, I'll stop now. Mainly because I have a History test tommorow. And I am attempting not to flunk this year otherwise my school might kick me out. My maths mark is bad enough. ._____.

Nice to meet you. ((((((((((:
I hope I haven't scared you all off yet. And I have a feeling I WROTE TOO MUCH. D: I am like spamming this community with my useless intro post, I'm sorry DDDDD:
Here, have some jinda fanservice. (:

paper/snow/silver/gold: until it overwhelms us.jeauexe on March 18th, 2008 06:46 am (UTC)
Hiii. (:

And thank you. xD